SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)

SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)
with Barton Poulson
In this course, author Barton Poulson takes a practical, visual, and non-mathematical approach to the basics of statistical concepts and data analysis in SPSS, the statistical package for business, government, research, and academic organization. From importing spreadsheets to creating regression models to exporting presentation graphics, this course covers all the basics, with an emphasis on clarity, interpretation, communicability, and application.

SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)

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Topics include:

    Importing and entering data
    Creating descriptive charts
    Modifying and selecting cases
    Calculating descriptive and inferential statistics
    Modeling associations with correlations, contingency tables, and multiple regression
    Formatting and exporting tables and charts

Introduction 2m 58s
Welcome 1m 5s 
Using the exercise files 40s 
Using a different version of the software 1m 13s 
1. Getting Started 19m 0s
Taking a first look at the interface 11m 49s 
Reading data from a spreadsheet 7m 11s 
2. Charts for One Variable 21m 54s
Creating bar charts for categorical variables 7m 18s 
Creating pie charts for categorical variables 2m 54s 
Creating histograms for quantitative variables 5m 45s 
Creating box plots for quantitative variables 5m 57s 
3. Modifying Data 33m 10s
Recoding variables 5m 33s 
Recoding with visual binning 5m 33s 
Recoding by ranking cases 5m 26s 
Computing new variables 5m 37s 
Combining or excluding outliers 5m 21s 
Transforming outliers 5m 40s 
4. Working with the Data File 28m 12s
Selecting cases 6m 44s 
Using the Split File command 5m 12s 
Merging files 5m 33s 
Using the Multiple Response command 10m 43s 
5. Descriptive Statistics for One Variable 22m 14s
Calculating frequencies 8m 43s 
Calculating descriptives 5m 31s 
Using the Explore command 8m 0s 
6. Inferential Statistics for One Variable 16m 3s
Calculating inferential statistics for a single proportion 6m 6s 
Calculating inferential statistics for a single mean 5m 39s 
Calculating inferential statistics for a single categorical variable 4m 18s 
7. Charts for Two Variables 30m 43s
Creating clustered bar charts 7m 10s 
Creating scatterplots 5m 8s 
Creating time series 3m 24s 
Creating simple bar charts of group means 4m 17s 
Creating population pyramids 3m 0s 
Creating simple boxplots for groups 3m 3s 
Creating side-by-side boxplots 4m 41s 
8. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for Two Variables 45m 28s
Calculating correlations 8m 17s 
Computing a bivariate regression 6m 27s 
Creating crosstabs for categorical variables 6m 34s 
Comparing means with the Means procedure 6m 33s 
Comparing means with the t-test 6m 4s 
Comparing means with a one-way ANOVA 6m 30s 
Comparing paired means 5m 3s 
9. Charts for Three or More Variables 24m 30s
Creating clustered bar charts for frequencies 6m 34s 
Creating clustered bar charts for means 3m 45s 
Creating scatterplots by group 4m 13s 
Creating 3-D scatterplots 4m 25s 
Creating scatterplot matrices 5m 33s 
10. Descriptive Statistics for Three or More Variables 30m 57s
Using Automatic Linear Models 11m 52s 
Calculating multiple regression 9m 3s 
Comparing means with a two-factor ANOVA 10m 2s 
11. Formatting and Exporting Tables and Charts 29m 29s
Formatting descriptive statistics 6m 1s 
Formatting correlations 7m 49s 
Formatting regression 10m 19s 
Exporting charts and tables 5m 20s 
Conclusion 51s
What's next 51s 

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SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)
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SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)

SPSS Statistics Essential Training (2012)

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