Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max and VRay

Exterior Vray Lighting Scenes & Tutorials
scenes in max | PSD post-work | tutorials in PDF | English | 480 Mb

Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max & VRay is an outdoor illumination eBook that focuses on lighting a base scene under very different atmospheric conditions. The tutorial covers how to build a light rig and set up the renderer to portray an environment, which includes fog/mist, sunrise/sunset, moonlight, midday sun and overcast. Throughout the five chapters Andrzej Sykut provides a step-by-step account of how the scene can be transformed into one of the above environments, encompassing a range of techniques that will present a comprehensive insight into both lighting and rendering exterior scenes.

Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max and VRay

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Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max and VRay

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