CM - Buckskin Script Fonts 1176025
2 OTF | 41 KB RAR
The Buckskin is new font script handlettering with classy, elegant and vintage feel character set. To create the beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase then mix with the alternative glyphs and playing with swash. The Buckskin font includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

CM - CandyMelt Sans Serif Font 1176778
We, GalaStudio (Lilia & Galina) present the font CANDY MELT – the second of our new MELTING FONTS collection. We begin to design a new font by creating its visual and conceptual image. The life of modern man has changed dramatically. Nowadays we can afford to dream more, to dare more and to implement our ideas. The font as an important part of environmental design, reflects contemporary reality. Our intention was to create a font with rounded melted-like shapes, like sucking candy, to make it "tasty" and playful. The CANDY MELT font is rather bold. This feature lets the graphic designer play with the letters, filling them with a variety of textures and patterns. The CANDY MELT is ideal for children' books titles, textbooks, notebooks, different brochures and advertising. We hope that GalaStudio fonts will add attractiveness and efficiency to your product.
PERFECT FOR: using in branding projects, children' books titles, textbooks, notebooks, different brochures and advertising, homeware design, packaging design; magazines, posters and flyers titles; logos design, books design, fashion design, slogans etc. :)

CM - 30 FONTS 150 Vector Objects 482920
CM - 30 FONTS 150 Vector Objects 482920
CM - 30 FONTS 150 Vector Objects 482920

76 PNG 30 OTF 8 EPS 4 TTF | 91 MB RAR
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Now its time to discount for ALL MY TYPEFACES includes my best sellers - West End, Montana, Sugar Cane and Stout.
West End, Montana, Sugar Cane, STOUT, Winter Holidays, U.S.Navy, Canyons, Heart of Gold, LaFaSalt, Forest Tramp, RISE, Jack's Guitar, Bough.

CM - Befitting Script 481227

3 OTF | 86 KB RAR
Befitting Script gives you the blueprint of future possibilities. A Cursive programmed with smart alternates that flows smoothly as you assemble the words from your mind. Very versatile and will absolutely fit to most branding concepts from your hang tags to the typographic design of your apparel brand. The urban style brush strokes gave the font a more flexible look but striking appearance!


CM - Strengthen Script 1169310


Strengthen Script is a lovely calligraphic manuscript modern, I hope you are interested in this font, dynamic and pretty with swashes. Can be used for many purposes. such as title, signature, logo, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.
Strengthen Script features Open type, including the initial and terminal letters, ligatures and International support for most Western languages ??included.

CM - Archive Blackcap 1167213

Archive display typefaces are reproduced as they appeared in print. In order to preserve the original feel of typefaces, no additional characters were added to originals, therefore, most of the fonts consist just of a basic character set. Upper case letters, lower case letters, numerals and basic punctuation.

CM - MFC Viper Monogram 1166841

The inspiration source for Viper Monogram is the 1934 Book of American Types by American Type Founders. Found in that specimen book, was a sophisticated two-color monogram design called Hollywood Combination Initials, which was available in limited size metal castings. This wonderful monogram style is now digitally recreated, revived, and updated for modern use!
Viper Monogram supports one and two letter monograms, but due to its super condensed style works best for three letter monograms. The default typing style for Viper Monogram is an all horizontal all caps setup which can be used for headlines and titling. Type in Capitals for an outline effect, lowercase for a solid effect. By enabling OpenType Contextual Alternates, you can type diagonal top-aligned monograms up to three letters. By typing in all lowercase, and layer a copy of the lowercase with Stylistic Alternates enabled, you can create a two-color effect.

CM - DJB Almost Perfect Font 1168705

This file includes one .ttf/otf font and one .woff font which includes a full alphabet in lower and upper case, numbers, and most common punctuation, and extended Latin characters.
Additional licensing
Embroidery fonts for resale (crafting is covered under standard license), servers, or use on web apps require additional licensing - contact me at the address below for details.

CM - Wooden Backgrounds - Big Set 1158168

JPG | 502 MB RAR
  • 65 Hi-Res files;
  • 4912x3264px in size;
  • All files are 150 DPI;
  • JPEG format.

CM - Valentine\'s Day Pack. 378 elements. 1167437

Ai EPS | 422 MB RAR
  • 37 Elements of black hearts brushes
  • 37 Elements of watercolor hearts
  • 15 Love lettering
  • 33 Mix lettering
  • 81 Arrow Brushes
  • 104 Line brushes
  • 41 Mix brushes
  • 30 Blob brushes


After our Organic Fruits and Organic Honey, it is time for some veggies :) 25 awesome hand-sketched elements for you to play with and create some super-cool organic logos.
Feel free to use these as you like, not only for logos, but to pimp up any other project – restaurant menus, posters, invitations, flyers, websites, digital presentations, patterns, your creativity is the limit :)
What exactly you will receive in the package:
24 vector PDF and 24 vector EPS files (CS6) , CMYK color mode, that include all the sketched elements as presented in preview image no.2 and the bonus colored vegetables as presented in preview image no.6
35 PNG files (transparent background, RGB, high resolution 300 dpi) The images include all the elements as presented in preview image no.2 and the bonus colored vegetables as presented in preview image no.6. Each element on an individual PNG.
BONUS 5 SAMPLE LOGOS in 1 vector PDF and 1 EPS FILES. Texts outlined in the logos and fonts name included.
You will need to use Illustrator CS6 or above to open and edit the eps files. (Send me a message if you need the files in an older version of Illustrator and I'll send them to you.)

CM - Aboree Mandala Collection Bundle 1152208

With this collection you get 22 stunning, african and aborigine inspired Mandalas including a Watercolor Mandala Creator file, 26 Real Watercolor Textures & 22 premade Watercolor Mandalas.
This set can be used to create wonderful Mandala Logos and of course you can use the Watercolor Textures for any other project too!
22 unique & hand-drawn Mandalas - 22 EPS (vector) files and 22 PNG files (1800 x 1800 px), provided in black and you can change the color with your desired graphic design software.
BONUS: PSD file for quickly adding watercolor texture to the mandalas (Photoshop required)
BONUS: 22 ready-made Watercolor Mandalas as PNG
BONUS: 26 wonderful and also hand painted Watercolor Overlays (2200 x 2200 px, PNG)

CM - 380 Lightroom Presets bundle 1099368
15 Vintage Collection Sepia Landscape presets, 10 Autumn Beauty Landscape presets, 10 Black and White Landscape Drama presets, 10 Matte Black and White Landscape Drama presets, 10 Brilliant Color Landscape presets, 10 Misty Landscape presets, 10 Stunning Matte Landscape presets, 14 Black and White Monochrome Portrait presets, 16 Awesome Black and White Matte Portrait presets, 10 Matte Pastel Portrait presets, 10 Black and White Portrait Drama presets, 10 Matte Sepia Portrait presets, 6 Pastel Portrait presets, 10 Soft-focus Portrait Photography presets, 16 Faded Dual Tone Matte Portrait presets, 32 Black and White Portraiture presets, 16 Attractive Matte Portraiture presets, 22 Classic Black and White Portrait presets, 19 Bold Color Matte Portraits presets, 28 Grainy Black and White Portraits presets, 9 Vibrant Dual Tone Matte Portraits presets, 14 Landscape Sensation presets, 18 Sharpen your Landscape presets, 9 Landscape Color Explosion presets, 10 Shades of Sepia Landscape presets, 25 Dual Tone Landscape presets, 11 Gritty Landscape presets.

CM - Grandstander Classic: Regular+Bold 1169025
2 OTF 2 TTF 2 WOFF | 381 KB RAR
It's new for 2017! Regular and Bold now, with more ligatures and alternates than ever before. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE and scroll down for type samples, example designs, etc. at a nice big size :)
Bringing back fun, playful block letters with wide language support. Recently an alternate version of this font was used by Harper Collins. This is a personal favorite of mine.

CM - Valentine's day SUPERPACK 1168939
  • 55+ watercolor hand drawn vector elements;
  • 50 artistic congratulation love card templates;
  • 25+ heart shapes;
  • 15 seamless love patterns;
  • a lot of joy working with it ;)

CM - Alpona Vector Design 1157232

EPS Ai | 219 MB RAR
Are you looking for Alpona eps vectors or photos? i have make 12+ resources for you.
make your design with mri studio Alpona Vector Design full vector design 2 color include Black color and color version
Working Software Version : CS4 English Version. Software support version : CS4,CS5,CS6,CC+, English Version.